[sword-devel] Improve upon DSVV module.

Maurits Obbink lists at obbink.org
Wed Apr 25 07:21:19 MST 2007


Does anyone have any point where I could start especially since the
entire book of Haggai is misrepresented since it contains only one verse
repeated over and over again.

Regards again,

Maurits Obbink.

Maurits Obbink wrote:
> Hi list,
> I would like to improve upon the DSVV (Dutch Statenvertaling (Equivalent
>  of KJV for English speaking countries). Should I contact the current
> maintainer if any. Or what should I do.
> I made a quite extensive list of encountered errors. I improved those
> already in the PalmBibleplus version I made.
> I've no experience with OSIS/Thml or so, but I assume that the changes I
> would like to make are easiest made in just text.
> I can't guarantee a quick update. but any improvement is better then
> none. Especially since it is the ony Dutch version available, (more are
> potentially in the pipeline, as previously mentioned on the list.)
> if interested, check
> http://griello.yi.org/Palmbibleplus/bibles/dowloads/dutch/DSV_changelist.txt
> for changes I made in the PalmBible+ version, I propose similar changes
> (except verse renumbering)
> Regards,
> Maurits Obbink.

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