[sword-devel] olpc discussion

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Apr 24 17:37:29 MST 2007

>From what little I know about the technical specifications of the
device, my biggest concerns are RAM and disc capacity.  Some specs:


256M RAM and 1Gbyte mass storage -- not a lot.  256M is rather on the
thin side for modern Gnome- and KDE-based applications.  1Gbyte of
mass storage will be eaten up in a hurry by system support alone, and
I wonder how much of that space will be considered available for
users' data.  There is no mention of either Gnome or KDE libs as part
of the software support, so it may well be the case that neither
GnomeSword nor BibleTime can be considered in the running as-is for
use on this device.

Hm, amend that, I see "Gnome Accessibility toolkit" and "Cairo
2D-graphics support" listed in software, so perhaps there is more
possible here than I thought when first looking through the specs.

Note this observation regarding software:
  "Any other linux software. Memory and disk space are constrained
   (256MB,1GB), so requiring additional libraries makes this a less
   attractive option."
Overall, fitting anything not considered "core" to this device will be
a shoe-horn operation, especially for mass storage space.  Sword
modules can eat a fair chunk of space in a hurry, at 2M to 5M per
Bible text module.

Really, it's hardly enough information to form much of an opinion.

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