[sword-devel] olpc discussion

DJ Ortley djortley at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 14:54:02 MST 2007

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought of something like this, but
should we be looking at the One Laptop Per Child project?

While that project is not intended for (and many on the project may be quite
hostile towards) religious material, I would assume it would still be a good
thing to have resources that would be focused towards these laptops.

Yes, the laptops are Linux under the hood, but are the Linux based sword
front ends workable solutions on these things?

Do the current Linux programs need to be tuned, or might it be better to
write a new program from scratch?  There might be some special issues with

This could be a place where specially hardwired packaged binaries might come

Since Sugar is built with Python, maybe there's something interesting that
can be done with Sword's Python bindings.

Also, here's the wiki on the eBooks (which I gather are viewable when the
laptop is in low power mode..)

Maybe making some of the modules in various languages (primarily biblical
texts) available somehow..

I don't know, what does everyone think?  I'm just shotgunning stuff out at
the moment.

Anybody who decides they want to write a Sugar specific interface would have
to remember that they're going to have to closely follow a very moving
target for the next couple of years.

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