[sword-devel] No, not new! Re: a MacSword review

Jan Knepper jan at knepper.net
Mon Apr 23 15:01:27 MST 2007

Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Apr 2007, Jan Knepper wrote:
>> I use:
>> -    My own wrapper around wxWidgets to make life easier.
> That's a sign of a bad library! But enough of negative criticism. It's
> great that you have started that project.
No, it is not (necessarily)...

Libraries are supposed to be generic and follow patterns. Such as 
generic wxListCtrl, wxTreeCtrl etc, which follow a certain pattern for 
their constructor and Create member, etc.

They do not necessarily easily work with a sword :: ModMap...

Suppose that I want to use a particular control that shows ModMap data 
in several places...

Instead of recoding the same thing 4 times as the majority of 
programmers seems to do I *strongly* prefer to go through the effort of 
developing a wxListCtrl derived class (wxSwordListCtrl for instance) 
that handles sword :: ModMap... added to that might be that I prefer an 
other pattern for the constructor and create member because for instance 
I have a lot of code that was originally written based of a thin wrapper 
around zApp (same reason) and later moved to a thin wrapper around MFC 
where the wrapper (as is the case with the wxWidgets wrapper) exposes a 
*common* interface to the rest of my code so I do not have to change that...

So... instead of rewriting tons of code a thin wrapper is placed on top 
of wxWidgets (where necessary) so it exposes the same interface as the 
thin wrapper around MFC and the wrapper around zApp do...

>> At this moment I am looking for people interested in using the product
>> and people that like to share their idea's with regards to how things
>> should work and what they like, do not like, etc, etc, etc. Basically
>> people that would like to help me "functionally design" wxSword.
> I did some user interface research and gave some opinions and proposals
> for BibleTime. They could as well be useful for other projects. Take a
> look at them. These interface questions are general enough so that you
> can even ask something for your own good and I can give some thoughts in
> BibleTime wiki - I think BT developers don't mind if the subjects are
> useful for them also. User interfaces are fascinating, I probably will
> work in that area a bit more.
I am looking at several interfaces at the moment to see what is going to 
be viable in the short term and what the goal could/should be for the 
future. I will try to put the executable up on www.wxsword.com so people 
can take a look and give feedback.


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