[sword-devel] Searching

Geoffrey W Hastings geoffreyhastings at juno.com
Sun Apr 1 21:44:37 MST 2007

First I want to say that I appreciate all you have done with the Sword
Project. I use the windows software daily. It has been a blessing to me
and my students. Each year the first thing I teach our interns is how to
use the Sword.
So please don't view the following as a complaint, but as a suggestion
that I believe will be a blessing to the users this software is target

I was trying to do a search for all the verses on baptism by putting
"bapt" in the multi word search.
In doing so I come up with 91 verses in the KJV. 
Unfortunately the search string will include "baptist" .
Is it possible to add an "exclude" function to the "search current
results". Therefore searching the current results for "bapt" to exclude
This would be a very useful function for any serious user of the SWORD
project for windows.

I know I am often doing searches like this and finding the need to create
a verse list to pick each verse out one at a time.
Many pastors and teachers would be blessed to have this capability added
to the SWORD.

There are other changes aimed at the user that would be very beneficial
but if we could get this one implemented I could just about do

Some other changes that I am sure many would appreciate are.

1. Saved verse lists when opened having the Saved Name in the title bar.
        I often have several verse lists open at the same time. For
example verse lists for:
        Water Baptism is commanded 
        Water Baptism is after conversion
        Water Baptism is in Jesus Name
        Water Baptism is by immersion 
They all open with the title "Verse List".  I have to line them up and
put sticky notes on my monitor to keep track of which is which.
2. A function to pull verses into word processors by the use of a "ctrl
alt v" which to open a verse selection window of some type where you
could not only select the verse range but also the translation. I
currently use another program for this. 

No matter where in the world a person is or what language or translation
they use, these suggestions will greatly improve the users experience and
ability with this software.

You and all who have worked on this project have blessed many, myself
Geoff Hastings

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