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Jason Brooks jbrooks at kinex.net
Thu Sep 7 08:15:46 MST 2006

That would definitely be interesting and profitable.  I would be
interested as time allows, as well as a slow dial-up connection.  But the
one question  that comes to mind is legality.  What would be the source of
the information?  I was thinking that the critical apparatus of the NA27,
for instance, was copywrighted.  So, to reproduce that work, basically in
toto, in a different place/form, would that infringe on copywright?  I
know that the UBS5/NA28 has an initial web interface that does this.  It's
usually here: http://nestlealand.uni-muenster.de/ but is currently

Is this the way you were leaning?  I'm glancing through my UBS4 and don't
see what you're mentioning.  But I definitely recall different info in the
back of my NA27.  I guess the copywright question still applies, yes?


<quote who="Troy A. Griffitts">
> Would anyone be interested in helping enter data if we developed a
> simple web interface to submit MSS authorities along with their date and
> coverage of the Biblical texts (basically the data in the back of your
> Nestle-Aland GNT)
> e.g.
> P1
> Mat.1.1-9,12,14-20
> P2
> VI
> John.12.12-15
> The goal of the data initially would be to provide authority information
> when a user does original language study.  For example, when a user
> clicks on a NT word, we usually show them a popup with the original
> Greek and a definition.  We would extend this to show the earliest 5 MSS
> authorities with their dates, which cover the verse.
> I realize:
> a) oldest MSS, not necessarily the best.
> b) coverage wouldn't guarantee the actual word clicked was in the MSS
> c) there is alot more MSS data we could capture.
> We have to start somewhere, and I think we'll get the most traction with
> the described initial behavior.
> I personally believe this feature will go far to debunk the common
> fallacy non-Christian have that NT authority is far removed from the
> events they cover.
> Thoughts?
> 	-Troy.
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