[sword-devel] Bug RtoL support in WinSword

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Oct 23 05:37:03 MST 2006

The Hebrew module WLC _is_ displaying correctly when using the "Direction=RtoL" directive. 

But it appears it follows a different algorithm than the Arabic and the Farsi one: Removing the directive will result in a jumbled up sentence structure but not jumbled up words. I.e. the first word will be the last word etc. The Farsi and teh Arabic module get jumbled up at the letter level _with_ the directive switched on.



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Datum: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 13:21:27 +0200
Von: "Peter von Kaehne" <refdoc at gmx.net>
An: sword-devel at crosswire.org
Betreff: [sword-devel] Bug RtoL support in WinSword

> Hi,
> I have created (not yet posted to you) a Farsi complete Bible module.
> In the process I think I have found a bug within Sword for Windows RtoL
> support.
> I am running the newest published version (not a development version but
> 1.5.9)
> My module is UTF-8 encoded and needs RtoL support. So I added copying from
> arasvd.conf the relevant directions.
> As a result my text is mirror imaged in Sword for Windows, while working
> perfectly in Gnomesword. 
> I then took the "Direction=RtoL" out of  farsi.conf and had suddenly
> readable RtoL text, but now the verses where ordered all from left to right.
> I then looked at the existing Arabic module which specifically mentions in
> its config file "RtoL Support added" or some such and found that it has
> the same behaviour in WinSword - while I do not speak Arabic  I am able to
> discern enough of the vocabulary dt my Farsi knowledge which shares script
> and some vocabulary
> Removing the Direction=RtoL  directive suddenly makes that module also
> readable but again the verses as blocks ordered the wrong way round.
> This problem does not appear in gnomesword. I do not think it is in
> Bibletime either. 
> In Gnomesword it is actually the other way round - if the Direction=RtoL
> is missing the text is ordered wrongly LtoR on a verse block level, though
> individual verses are readable RtoL.
> This is a serious bug for the existing Arabic module and makes my current
> work on Farsi and some other RtoL modules pretty much unusuable in the
> Windows version. I am not sure whether other modules are affected. Presumably
> Hebvrew? I can not comment on MacSword
> Peter
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