[sword-devel] Bug RtoL support in WinSword

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Oct 23 04:21:27 MST 2006


I have created (not yet posted to you) a Farsi complete Bible module.

In the process I think I have found a bug within Sword for Windows RtoL support.

I am running the newest published version (not a development version but 1.5.9)

My module is UTF-8 encoded and needs RtoL support. So I added copying from arasvd.conf the relevant directions.

As a result my text is mirror imaged in Sword for Windows, while working perfectly in Gnomesword. 

I then took the "Direction=RtoL" out of  farsi.conf and had suddenly readable RtoL text, but now the verses where ordered all from left to right.

I then looked at the existing Arabic module which specifically mentions in its config file "RtoL Support added" or some such and found that it has the same behaviour in WinSword - while I do not speak Arabic  I am able to discern enough of the vocabulary dt my Farsi knowledge which shares script and some vocabulary

Removing the Direction=RtoL  directive suddenly makes that module also readable but again the verses as blocks ordered the wrong way round.

This problem does not appear in gnomesword. I do not think it is in Bibletime either. 

In Gnomesword it is actually the other way round - if the Direction=RtoL is missing the text is ordered wrongly LtoR on a verse block level, though individual verses are readable RtoL.

This is a serious bug for the existing Arabic module and makes my current work on Farsi and some other RtoL modules pretty much unusuable in the Windows version. I am not sure whether other modules are affected. Presumably Hebvrew? I can not comment on MacSword


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