[sword-devel] Schlachter 2000

Florian florian.wurm at gmx.net
Thu Oct 5 08:29:49 MST 2006

Hello brothers and sisters :)

My name is Florian and I am a Linux user, and I enjoy it a lot!
I always used www.mybible.de under windows because it gives you tons of 
bible modules.
Now under Linux I use your program, which is great too... but I would be 
very well pleased to read my favorite translation of the Bible. As I 
read in this link, the request was already made:

And the author of the e-Mail is right, this German translation is very 
wide spread in evangelical circles and is GREAT because of it's accuracy 
and easy to read German it uses.
I, myself prefer Textus Receptus Bibles, so I would be pleased to use 
the "Schlachter 2000" Bible translation as well...
On your home page you offer the "Schlachter 1951" which has an older 
German and is NOT using the Textus Receptus, but the Nestle Aland text.

Could you guys PLEASE convert a Schlachter 2000 module? - I would also 
inform the maker of "Ubuntu CE" (Christian version) about it, so that he 
can put it into his distro.

Like you can read in the link above, here: 
you can find the Schlachter 2000 translation in PDF format!

I would thank you from the depths of my heart if you would convert the 
Schlachter 2000 for us German Christians :)
We would highly appreciate it, and I think (at least in my church) that 
would spread your great bible program even more.

God bless you! And thanks for your work.
In HIS service.

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