[sword-devel] Problem compiling sword-1.5.9 on Fedora Core 5

Deji Akingunola dakingun at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 18:42:45 MST 2006


> I then proceeded to the instructions to compile Sword 1.5.9 for use
> with Bibletime (I ran "./configure --help" in the root of sword-1.5.9
> and of course, there appears to be no option such as
> "--without-clucene"  But I proceed according to the directions:

You actually need to use 'without-lucene'.

On a side note, I've taken over maintaining sword and gnomesword in
Fedora extras from Micheal Peters. I hope to get sword-1.5.9 in the
repository as soon as I'm done testing it with current gnomesword
(hopefully tomorrow).


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