[sword-devel] Problem compiling sword-1.5.9 on Fedora Core 5

Steven P. Ulrick lists-sword at afolkey2.net
Sun Oct 1 16:38:47 MST 2006

Hello, Everyone
In preparation for compiling Bibletime 1.6 on Fedora Core 5, I went to
the following web page to get the proper instructions:

Having KDE 3.5.4 installed from source, I moved on to the next
dependency.  I got the "hopefully" appropriate file by going here:

and then here:

and finally, here:

Proceeded to compile clucene-core-0.9.15 as follows:
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

This appeared to proceed as desired.
(I have no known version of clucene installed on this system other than
the one that I have just installed.)

I then proceeded to the instructions to compile Sword 1.5.9 for use
with Bibletime (I ran "./configure --help" in the root of sword-1.5.9
and of course, there appears to be no option such as
"--without-clucene"  But I proceed according to the directions:
./usrinst.sh --enable-shared --without-clucene:
The output of the above command is located here:
There is an error message in the above linked text that seems to relate
to, at least, icu.  Here is a list of the icu packages on our system:
icu 3.4-6.2
libicu 3.4-6.2
libicu-devel 3.4-6.2
The above mentioned error did not cause "usrinst.sh" to bail.

I then proceeded to the next step listed on:

The output of the above command is located here:

As you can see, "make" bailed with CLucene related errors.  You will
further notice the following:
"/usr/include/CLucene/config/CompilerGcc.h:12:68: error:
CLucene/clucene-config.h: No such file or directory"

This is absolutely correct.  That file does not exist, so that would at
least partially explain my dilemma.  I would assume that that file
should have been installed when I installed clucene-core-0.9.15.  I
assume that it is apparent that it was not installed at that time :(

So, that's all I have right now.  As I hope you understand, I am not
placing the fault here with Sword.  I am just here now because I
appeared to install the version of CLucene that should work with
Bibletime.  And I appeared to attempt the compiling of Sword 1.5.9 with
the instructions that were provided for that purpose.
Please let me know if this is a Bibletime issue, and I will bring my
problem up over there.

Have a Great Day,
Steven P. Ulrick

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