[sword-devel] Bug:in BAO

D. Schouten davjac at kpnplanet.nl
Sun Nov 19 07:55:00 MST 2006

Thanks Karl for your message, we wait till Troy has fixed the problem.

God blessed you,
in Christ

On Sun, 19 Nov 2006 14:33:56 +0100, Karl Kleinpaste <karl at charcoal.com>  

> "D. Schouten" <schout at westbrabant.net> writes:
>> I have install the Bible Atlas.
>> But............, no pictures, only the line: <img
>> src="./modules/genbook/rawgenbook/bao/images/001.jpg" /> ( or an other
>> number)
>> Can you tell me whats wrong?
> WinSword is not currently image-capable.  GnomeSword, MacSword, and
> (reputedly) BibleTime all display BAO's images just fine.  Troy has
> been busy with updating the image handling code to get WinSword up to
> date with the rest of the UIs, but he's rather swamped with work and
> school and is at a conference in DC right now.  We can hope he'll get
> back to it soon so we can get this and the overall bugfix
> release out the door.
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