[sword-devel] Bug:in BAO

Karl Kleinpaste karl at charcoal.com
Sun Nov 19 06:33:56 MST 2006

"D. Schouten" <schout at westbrabant.net> writes:
> I have install the Bible Atlas.
> But............, no pictures, only the line: <img  
> src="./modules/genbook/rawgenbook/bao/images/001.jpg" /> ( or an other  
> number)
> Can you tell me whats wrong?

WinSword is not currently image-capable.  GnomeSword, MacSword, and
(reputedly) BibleTime all display BAO's images just fine.  Troy has
been busy with updating the image handling code to get WinSword up to
date with the rest of the UIs, but he's rather swamped with work and
school and is at a conference in DC right now.  We can hope he'll get
back to it soon so we can get this and the overall bugfix
release out the door.

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