[sword-devel] sword module repository

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Nov 6 15:26:14 MST 2006

Hey Peter,
	Officially, a SWORD module repository merely requires FTP access to a 
standard install of SWORD modules.


	This should allow all frontends which use the SWORD engine's install 
classes to use your repository (BibleCS, GnomeSword, Bibletime, maybe 

	This WILL NOT allow JSword to use your repository (AFAIK), and I don't 
believe there is a GUI installer for MacSword yet (however the 
commandline utilities/installmgr application should work fine on the Mac 
and should work against your repository, but it's not likely to get a 
Mac user very interested).  JSword currently use their own custom HTML 
methods for doing module installation.  You can chide them publicly 
(please) for that.

	Also, if you would like to speed up the download experience for your 
users, you can create a cache of the mods.d directory with a simple:

tar czfv mods.d.tar.gz mods.d

	You will see this at our FTP link posted above.  It is not necessary, 
but if the installer doesn't find this, it will download each .conf 
file, one at a time.  If you only have a few modules available, it 
shouldn't make too much difference.

	Hope this helps,


Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> I have created a collection of sword modules for which i have only limited rights of distribution - i.e. our church can distribute them without any complaint, but I think I would end up in trouble if I uploaded them into the sword repositories. I do presume this will be resolved at some stage, but I am at the same time eager to go ahead and put a repository onto our church website until things are sorted.
> What exactly is needed in a repository to make it work with the module manager in BibleCS or in JSword's Bibledesktop
> How do I need to package modules? Zip or self extracting exe-files?
> Thanks
> Peter

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