[sword-devel] ESV reverse interlinear, How can I dl it? Re: This might be useful to some

J H Stovall pythondrs at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 5 16:21:42 MST 2006

I clicked 10 times.  All I got was 10 announcements of a reverse
interlinear and a pitch to sell it on hard bound with Strong's
on pdf.  I do not want and do not like pdf files and do not want
to buy hard bound.  I even registered but never could find a link
to actually download the reverse interlinear only announcements.
Please add a link that works according to the announcements.

--- Geoffrey W Hastings <geoffreyhastings at juno.com> wrote:

> A friend sent me this link. I copied and pasted in some of the opening
> page.
> http://zhubert.com/  
> For Fellow Students of the Bible in the Original Languages 
> Read the Bible 
> Search 
> Concordance 
> Tutorial 
> Donate 
> Bible Browser
>  Greek Tischendorf Textual Criticism Codex Sinaiticus New American
> Standard King James English Standard NET Bible BGreek Translit My
> Translation Create Translation Graphical Text 
> Jn 3:16-21(Help?)
> Word Finder
> Search by Definition, Strong's Number, Unicode, Betacode, or Word Number
> User login
> Username: *  
> Password: *  
> Create new account 
> Request new password
> Navigation
> study 
> book study 
> flashcard 
> vocab lists 
> bookmark 
> extras 
> blog 
> converter 
> customize 
> donate 
> usage 
> zack's to-do list 
> create content 
> forums 
> Daily Reading
> November 05
> John 6:41 - 6:71
> ????????? ??? ?? ???da??? pe?? a?t?? ?t? e?pe? ??? e?µ? ? ??t?? ? ?ataß??
> ?? t?? ???a??? ... 
> Add this to your website
> Chat Rooms
> As I've thought about including this functionality, I can see a couple of
> use cases where it'd be useful and many others where it's just a nifty
> thing.
> 1) Geographically diverse study groups - perhaps you are in a study group
> with some people from all over the world and would like to gather
> together to go over a weekly lesson. Well, you can now employ the chat
> rooms online here.
> 2) Translation committee - I'm always building with this in
> mind...perhaps you're on a committee that's evaluating the rendering of a
> certain passage, but again, you're all over the world. Here's a place
> where you can gather, have your chat saved for you for future reference,
> with direct access to all the goodies on this site.
> In any case, if you've got an account on this site and want to give it a
> test run, I'd love to get your feedback in the forums!
> http://www.zhubert.com/chatrooms
> FYI - You have to be logged in to access the chatrooms. This is
> zhubert – November 1, 2006 – 10:55pm
> Announcements
> read more – zhubert's blog
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