[sword-devel] Re: Albanian Module.

Maurits Obbink Lists at Obbink.org
Wed May 31 16:48:13 MST 2006

Hi All,

I found a couple of verses shifted:
This is only the case in the Windows module the Linux version and the
http://unbound.biola.edu/ version is O.K.

>From 2 Corinthians 13:14 Onwards till Hebrews 7:10 all verses are moved
one verse up (over chapters and books) [Resulting in the first verse of
 a book showing up in the last verse of the previous book]
from Hebrews 7:10 to II John two verses up.
from III John till Revelations 13 one verse up.
from there on O.K.


Maurits Obbink.

> Hi All,
> I converted the Albanian Sword module to a Palmbibleplus Module and
> since in Psalms al headings where missing (e.g. Palm 3: "A Psalm of
> David, when he fled from Absalom his son." --> Albanian: "Psalm i
> Davidit kur iku përpara Absalomit, birit të tij.") I added these from a
> print version.
> could I somehow back port these changes?
> Regards,
> Maurits Obbink.
>> Hi all,
>> 1st I hope I should ask this question here, If not, direct me elsewhere.
>> I've a question about the Albanian Bible [Courtesy the Unbound Bible
>> (http://unbound.biola.edu/)] according to crosswire.
>> I ask it here and not there since they refer on their site back to
>> crosswire.
>> "Imported from the
>> <a href="http://www.crosswire.org" target="_blank">CrossWire Bible
>> Society's</a>
>> <a href="http://www.crosswire.org/sword/" target="_blank">"The Sword
>> Project"</a>
>> <a href="http://www.crosswire.org/sword/modules/" target="_blank">Bible
>> Modules</a>."
>> Can I use and publish this module for Palmbibleplus (I won't charge,
>> willing to publish 'source') Or should I ask the copyright owner directly?
>> Further in Psalms often verse 1 is missing.
>> I plan to add these verses from the hardcopy I'm able to borrow from a
>> friend of mine. (I don't speak Albanian myself)
>> can I somehow backport this to the Sword project?
>> Regards,
>> Maurits Obbink.

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