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DArio Matos dmatos0 at yahoo.com.br
Wed May 31 06:30:09 MST 2006

Actually, we would need to check the copyright law under force at that time (1917) to check the correct copyright status; this law was the Código Civil (Civil Law), law 3.071/1916. In its articles  649 to 673, Author's rights were granted protection for the author's lifespan plus sixty years. (from José de Oliveira Ascenção, Direito Autoral, pag. 4). 

For current law dispositions on Author's rights, check Brazillian Federal Law 9.610/98, Articles 40 to 45 (https://www.planalto.gov.br/ccivil_03/Leis/L9610.htm).

So, "Versão Brasileira" portuguese Bible is already in public domain; also, as it is already digitalized at Bíblia Online 3.0 Software; there is no problem taking it from there, once someone provides a proofread from a printed edition - so he can claim that his text is based on that printed, public domain edition.

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