[sword-devel] Re: Offer help (portuguese module?)

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA leandro at dutra.fastmail.fm
Tue May 30 10:47:49 MST 2006

Sergio Queiroz escreveu:
> If "Almeida Atualizada" (which means "updated Almeida") is not a
> registered trademark, anyone can update the Almeida text and call it as
> such.

	But it would not be fair, hardly Christian, to do so.

> We cannot say anything if we don't know the changes that the IBB has made
> to the text.

	But we know.

> If the IBB thinks the module has copied their copyrighted work, it is up
> to them to raise the legal problems.

	It is up to us to be honest.

> We have no legal standing on this.
> They should know the existence of this module for a long time (it appears
> to me that it is also the same text that is available at the popular site
> http://www.biblegateway.com , also marked as public domain), Luciano Dutra
> has already talked to them about this in the past. If they never a made
> copyright infrigement claim, it is also an evidence that the module is
> clean.

	This is not trademarks.  In copy rights, they or they successors could 
always claim their rights, no matter how much.

	I am Leandro, not Luciano.

> "We know where we got the currently available PorAA module and we know
> that its source says it is okay to distribute" seems clear enough to me. I
> have no reasons to doubt his affirmation.

	No, but it proves nothing.

>> Can I suggest that we start writing to the list every time we
>> encounter errors?
> Can I suggest that we write a summary of errors?

	No need, just diff PorAA to my module.

> As I said, I see no reasons of doubting that the PorAA itself is a public
> domain source.

	Which part of ‘it is identical to Revisada’ you don’t understand?

> He is referring to a specific version that is called "Atualizada". This is
> a very generic term, that could be used by anyone, if not trademarked. If
> we think this could generate confusion, then we could advocate a name
> change. Personally, I don't see that calling the module "Almeida
> Atualizada" means that it is the same text of a version that used that
> name in the past.

	It is misleading.

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