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Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA leandro at dutra.fastmail.fm
Sun May 28 16:31:44 MST 2006

Please, Jônatas, don’t take it personally if I end up sounding
harsh in this message, but this is a long story and you are blundering
up in the end of it.  I know you have good intentions, but you happen
to be the nth misguided guy who has failed to search the history of
this module.

	So my first suggestion is to read at least a few of my posts
about PorAA in the last few years.  Please do search the archives.

      	To give you some context even before your research, the copy
right holders on PorAA have widely licensed it in the early nineties,
and now rogue copies of it circulate widely in the Net.  One such
copy, and a quite corrupted one, ended up mislabelled as PorAA,
apparently by means of the UnBounded Bible site.

      	Now for your answers.

On Wed, 24 May 2006 21:58:17 +0100, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=F3natas_Ferreira?=
> Me, with the help from Manfred, were able to correct some encoding  
> mistakes in the PorAA module, as-well as some misspellings I found.  

  	I have all this work done, and if you really search the
archives you will even find where the corrected version is, but it has
been rejected for copy right reasons.  Yes, PorAA is under copy
rights.  Now don’t ask me why my corrected work has been rejected, and
the corrupted text continues to be published; both infringe the copy
rights of the IBB — Imprensa Bíblica Brasileira, an imprint of JUERP —
Junta de Educação Religiosa e Publicações da Convenção Batista

	By the way, I have asked them permission, but they are in the
middle of a big-time crisis and just won’t decide now.  I plan to keep
asking about once or twice an year until I get a definitive answer,
but for now the answer is just wait.  Search the archives and you will
find their answer published by me too.

> As this encoding problem had been driving me crazy because I was  
> unable to search the version, display parallel bibles, and MacSword  
> was always crashing, I believe that it would be good to post it as a  
> new v1.1 of the module in the crosswire website. Is it possible?

      	I fear not, for the reasons above.  Do yourself a favor and
just use my module until the copy right issue is sorted out.

> There are still some corrections that should be made: missing verses  
> like Luk. 9:61. The text displayed in the original module is from the  
> verse 62. I put the text in the correct verse (acording to the greek  
> new testament I have), but as I can't find the original public domain  
> source of the text, I cannot provide the text for verse 61. If  
> crosswire isn't trying to post another portuguese module soon with  
> the corrections, I could translate from the original myself and  
> provide that as a new module version, that would include my corrections.

  	No, don’t do that.  My version already has the missing text
straight from PorAA’s original, which is the Versão Revisada da
Tradução de João Ferreira de ALMEIDA, de Acordo com os Melhores Textos
em Grego e Hebraico, ©(1967) 1974 — JUERP/Imprensa Bíblica Brasileira,
certificado de registro nº 23.947 da Biblioteca Nacional.

	I hate to tell such bad news, but until now all people have
done was trying to fix errors.  If one was to retranslate any missing
text, the explicit intention behind the copy right instructions in the
Bibles would be violated:

‘Para que seja garantida a pureza do texto da “Versão Revisada”, o
copyright implica proibição de reprodução da Bíblia sem permissão da

	Or, in my own translation:

‘So that the text of “Versão Revisada” is kept pure, the copyright
imply prohibition of reproduction of the Bible without permission of

	Obviously Crosswire is already infringing the copyright, but
without intentionaly conspurcating the text — only that it refuses to
publish a pure text and insists in publishing a corrupted text
(misspellings, missing text as you saw).  Now if someone was to
retranslate anything, I really would feel constrained to warn IBB to
take some action.

     	Now if you just want the Versão Revisada yourself, you can buy
it from IBB’s licensees.  I can give you the pointers if you really
want them.

> Tell me what you think about it.

       	Just use my module.  Please.

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