[sword-devel] HowTo: create ztext module?

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Wed May 10 13:39:32 MST 2006

I've gotten a little further, but could use some more help.

I'm trying to create a NT compressed module based on the rawtext 
Twenty Bible (smaller than a complete OT+NT Bible). The Twenty module 
works ok with sword.exe 1.5.8 rc1. (WinXp SP2)

I created a file ztwenty.conf that has these contents:

The contents of modules/texts/ztext/ztwenty is the rawtext ot, ot.vss, 
nt, and nt.vss from the twenty module. Is that ok?

>From the directory where mod2zmod is installed, I've tried various 
combinations of the command line (with and without the 4 2, and from 
the directory modules\texts\ztext\ztwenty)

mod2zmod ztwenty modules\texts\ztext\ztwenty 4 2 > err.txt

And I get 32,000+ error messages of the form:
Skipping [Genesis 1:1] no entry in in Module.
Skipping [Revelation of John 22:21] no entry in in Module.

When I run sword.exe, there is a tab for ztwenty, but no contents for 
either the OT (expected) or NT.

Clearly, I am doing something wrong ... help appreciated.

Greg Hellings wrote:
> Lynn....
> On 5/8/06, L.Allan-pbio <paraclete at bibleinverse.org> wrote:
>> Thanks for the hints.
>> I build mod2zmod.exe and wrestled with it for a while, but didn't 
>> end
>> up with anything that showed up in sword.exe 1.5.8 rc1.
>> What would the command line steps be to compress something like the
>> WEB (currently rawtext)? Do you have to change the web.conf, and, 
>> if
>> so, in what ways?
> Short answer: Yes.  Here are two examples of the lines that need to 
> be
> added/changed, taken out of the alt.conf file for the
> Analytical-Literal Translation:
> ModDrv=zText
> CompressType=ZIP
> DataPath=./modules/texts/ztext/alt/
> Clearly the last one is dependant upon the DataPath where the module
> is installed, but most of the ztext modules tend to be placed under
> texts/ztext.

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