[sword-devel] HowTo: create ztext module?

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Wed May 10 12:13:16 MST 2006

Thanks. I'll revise the earlier tutorial for module preparation to 
describe making a ztext compressed module. Later today, it should be 

http://lcdbible.sf.net/misc/CwModuleTutorial.doc   (same file)
http://lcdbible.sf.net/misc/CwModuleTutorial.zip (same file, about 
(includes a whole stand-alone tree of directories and files to 
correspond to the .doc above, and the .doc file assumes it has been 

The .zip file above will include the vc6/7.1/8 project files to build 
mod2zmod.exe from mod2zmod.cpp (provided as a template even though 
mod2zmod.exe is available).

Feedback appreciated.

BTW: is twiki available, or still offline? That would seem like a 
preferred way to allow the tutorial to improve/expand with input from 
people with lots more experience that myself. The tutorial so far is 
"for newbies written by a newbie", and tries to be "everything you 
need to know, and NOTHING MORE."

What about the mvnForums? It seems less applicable for this kind of 
task, but is still alive.

Greg Hellings wrote:
>> I build mod2zmod.exe and wrestled with it for a while, but didn't 
>> end
>> up with anything that showed up in sword.exe 1.5.8 rc1.
>> What would the command line steps be to compress something like the
>> WEB (currently rawtext)? Do you have to change the web.conf, and, 
>> if
>> so, in what ways?
> Short answer: Yes.  Here are two examples of the lines that need to 
> be
> added/changed, taken out of the alt.conf file for the
> Analytical-Literal Translation:
> ModDrv=zText
> CompressType=ZIP
> DataPath=./modules/texts/ztext/alt/
> Clearly the last one is dependant upon the DataPath where the module
> is installed, but most of the ztext modules tend to be placed under
> texts/ztext.

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