L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Sat May 6 06:36:31 MST 2006

> Request for clarification is always a good thing.

I think perhaps we were responding to Daniel Glassey's announcement:

> Please report any bugs you find in it to 
> http://www.crosswire.org/bugs
> in the modules section.

>> How about the erratic "hover" notes? (MOD-36)
> same as above.  If a note doesn't work in BibleCS, try to find that
> exact same note at the link above.  If it works at the link above,
> then please do not report the bug.

swordweb has similar problem (MOD-36 has screen shot and info)

>> Also, not meaning to be uncooperative, but I don't think I can 
>> close
>> or cleanup any bugs ... that is "above my pay grade". (If it would
>> help, you can temporarily grant privilege for me to do the cleanup,
>> but this bug-reporter pre-newbie is not advocating that.)
> If you have reported a bug which fails the aformentioned algorithm
> above, please close your own bug.  You should have permission to 
> close
> your own bug (I would think, but I could be wrong).

I don't see any way for me to do anything beyond attach screenshot, 
attach file, comment, or watch. Maybe I'm overlooking something? (But 
this jira pre-newbie would just as soon not have privileges granted to 
do any revisions.)

>> I have encountered a problem with a pending release of LcdBible 
>> that
>> uses the 1911 head (noted in an earlier email). Should that be
>> reported?

> I'm sorry, I don't remember your email.  Did you have a response 
> from
> anyone?  If not, please ask again.  As I try to compile BibleCS on
> Windows soon, I might run into your issue, so it may be moot.


I'll create a jira bug report in the sword-api (project SWORD?). A 
"boiled down to the essence diakethe-like" console app built with 1911 
head can read verses from KJV, WEB, etc. but crashes at certain 
semi-random verses (Mark 1:2, Gen 10:22, Eph 4:14 and probably 


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