[sword-devel] Re: Re: Offer help (portuguese module?)

Sergio Queiroz srmq at srmq.org
Fri May 5 01:39:22 MST 2006

Le mercredi 03 mai 2006 à 10:24 -0400, DM Smith a écrit :
> Just my thoughts as one who doesn't know Portuguese.
> I have followed this thread and the prior ones for some time.
> If we continue to leave the current PorAA online, we should fix the 
> technical difficulties in it. In doing so, it should not be compared to 
> any version. That is textual problems such as missing verses, 
> misspellings, truncated words, wrong verse breaks and the like should be 
> ignored. The result will be a module that performs better in the various 
> SWORD apps, but has exactly the same content as before. The copyright 
> and naming issues will be exactly as they are today: still unsolved.
> I also think that it is a good thing to seek permission to get a good 
> version online, perhaps replacing this one.

Hello DM Smith,

thank you for bringing your experience on the subject. Do you think that
the best source we can get to fix the technical problems in the module
is the one obtained by mod2osis? Or there is a source repository
somewhere for the SWORD project? 

I share your opinion on this matter, I just also think that most
"misspellings" are in fact just encoding errors, for instance, some "à"
have been encoded as an invalid character (and show as a blank in
gnomesword). So I think these cases should also be fixed (we will not be
changing the content, just fixing the encoding).



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