[sword-devel] Re: Offer help (portuguese module?)

Sergio Queiroz srmq at srmq.org
Tue May 2 02:23:44 MST 2006

> So, I guess that for now nothing can be done, is that it?
> I had already noticed the erroneous naming of the module. I wrote to
> the list saying that and I have never had an answer.
> Is it possible to get your corrected copy anyway? It would be very
> helpfull (at least for now).

Hello Jonatas!

Indeed, the PorAA has some problems with strange characters at each verse
ending and with some accents, like the "à". But that it is a corrupted
copy of a copyrighted work is the personal opinion of Leandro Dutra. It is
normal that you cannot find any bible in print with the exact text of this
version, as the brazilian bible editors have changed a bit the translation
over the years to ameliorate it and also to have copyright rights over the
new text (and in this way preserve their commercial interests).

If you look at the history of this list, you will see a message (I think
that by Chris Little) where he affirms that Crosswire Society knows where
this version traces to, and that it has no copyright problems. Notice that
the translation by Joao Ferreira de Almeida is very old (dates from the
XVII century--for the new testament at least), so it has multiple
revisions by different bodies, some free of copyright, some others not.

The modifications of Leandro could not be accepted because he has not only
solved the technical problems of the module, he has also updated the text
to reflect the copyrighted work that he mentions. So it could no longer be
distributed without the authorization of the copyright holders of that

Saying that this version is corrupted is a very far cry. I use it
frequently in a small group study group, where we are from different
nationalities, and we normally use the PorAA, the King James (english) and
the Louis Segond (french) at the same time, to study the same text. I've
never found a "corruption" in the PorAA text (I'm brazilian but also
fluent in english and french). In fact, it is often almost the same as the
King James version.

So, I think that you can use the PorAA without fears of having a corrupted
version. And it is much better to have a free portuguese module with some
technical problems than no portuguese module at all. I have at home a
small shell script that I have used to correct the problems with the "à"
and the "À" as well as the strange characters at the end of verses, I can
try to find it and send you later. Unfortunately I had to change my hard
disk recently (hardware failure) and I had not yet the time to restore my

Have a good time studying God's word!



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