[sword-devel] Jonah 1.17 / 2.1

Jonathon Blake jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 10:04:52 MST 2006

David wrote:

> How can we get osis2mod to recognize true variations in versification, and not "standardize" everything?

IIRC, there is a tag for the OSIS headers, that states what v11n
scheme is being used.  If there isn't one, there should be. Both CROSS
and STEP have such a flag.
[It probably claims to be "bible version", rather than v11n scheme". 
However it is there for the software to know what v11n scheme to use.

However, this still gets back to the issue that the various front ends
for The Sword Project need to know what to do when it sees that flag. 
Coding this function can get very messy, very fast.


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