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Jonathon Blake jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 00:38:09 MST 2006

Raphael wrote:

> How is it possible to keep the numbering scheme with 2.11 verse and no 1.17 in Sword modules, given that osis2mod automatically removes 2.11?

Welcome to the wonderful world of v11n schemes.

v11n:  Versification.  [Name comes from v then 11 letters, then N.]
[If a word has four letters, with the middle two being numbers, then
it is an abbrevation for  word that starts with the first letter, ends
with the last letter, and the number is the number of letters between
the first and last letter.   Of course, sometimes people make spelling
mistakes such as l18n instead of either i18n, or l10n.  ]

The WLC uses one versifiction scheme.

The KJV uses a different versification scheme.   [This is especially
noticable in Psalms. (The Psalter used by the Anglican Church ues the
Hebrew v11n scheme for Pslams, whilst the "official" Bible is/was the
KJV with deuterocanonical books.   ) ]

Louis Segard, and, I _think_ , most French Bibles use a v11n scheme
that is different from both the WLC & KJV.

Up until roughly 1980, there were around twenty different v11n schemes
in common usage.    Since then, it seems like every "major" new
translation of the Bible into English has resulted in a new v11n
scheme.    I'm not sure if the same thing has been happening in other
languages, or not.

In an ideal world, the Sword Project front end would be able to
recognize, and adjust the Bible versions/translations, according to
the v11n scheme that is used.

Until that happens, you are more or less stuck with recasting the
Bible into the v11n scheme that The Sword Project uses.  [ I don't
remember if it uses the KJV, AV, or ASV v11n scheme.]

I had ---  probably still have somewhere --- a spreadsheet that shows
how the KJV maps to some of the other v11n schemes. It is not
complete.  It does not map verse sections to the "correct" verese   (
EG:  0 to 1a   1 to 1b. for most Psalms, when going from Hebrew to KJV

Once a mapping of verse sections to verse sections is made, then one
can implement a function in various front ends, that will enable it to
correctly recognize the various v11n schemes.

Note:  The process of mapping one v11n scheme to another, gets very
messy, once one runs into the deuterocanonical books.   [ Baruch 6 and
EpJer 1  are the same text in all v11n schemes.  2 Esdras in one v11n
scheme may be 1 Esdras, 2  Esdras, 3 Esdras, or 4 Esdras in another
v11n scheme.   To know which verse maps to which verse, you have to
know both the canon and v11n scheme of the text that one is looking


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