[sword-devel] KJV2006 progress report

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 16:44:29 MST 2006

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> I think making this change is kind of like capitalizing personal 
>> pronouns for God ;) It is not part of the original. The original KJV 
>> and current printed copies displays a ¶ symbol at these locations. It 
>> seems that it is a translation of a Hebrew scripture tradition. To 
>> wrap up the text with <p>...</p> differs from the original. The 
>> original KJV did not have paragraphs beyond these marks.
> I think we agree, if I understand you correctly.  I might not, but 
> that's ok :)  Capitalizing personal pronouns for God is very much a 
> translation choice.  It may be merely out of respect or it may reflect 
> very hard original language evidence for the anticedent of the 
> pronoun.    In either case, our job is to preserve the author's (note 
> my NON-CAPITALIZATION of 'author') wishes, not what we feel is best 
> practice for translation.
> All this to say if when you say above, "It is not part of the 
> original," you mean it is not part of the original KJV document.  Then 
> I whole-heartedly agree with you.

Yes. I mean the original KJV 1769 not the original KJV 1611. Not that I 
have a copy of either:)

> I would hold to all these same points regarding <p>.  And I think you 
> would too, right? 

Yes. I am planning to encode both the NT and the OT paragraph markers 
the same too.

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