[osis-user] Re: [sword-devel] Another KJV markup question

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Mar 7 01:20:00 MST 2006

DM Smith wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
>> DM Smith wrote:
>>> The following construct if fairly frequent:
>>> <w src="19" lemma="strong:G4155" morph="robinson:V-IAI-3S">and took 
>>> <transChange type="added">him</transChange> by the throat</w>
>>> The problem is that <w> does not allow for <transChange>.
>>> Should this be changed to <seg type="x-transChange" 
>>> subType="added">him</seg>?
>>> (This is the form that is used within study notes.)
>> If the markup is correct, this would be something to address to the 
>> OSIS TC for correction in the next version of the standard. And I 
>> could see where it could be an issue in some languages, even if it 
>> doesn't turn out to be one in Greek.
> I think it is correct and also valid. In many languages, gender is 
> communicated by context, but in translating to English it may be 
> rendered explicitly. In the KJV these instances are indicated by italics.

Based on the morphology code, it's person and number that are specified 
by morphology on the verb (which causes the rendering with "him" in the 
English). It wasn't the "him" I had a problem with. Greek is just a 
pro-drop language (one of the approximately 10 things I can name about 
Greek :). What I had a problem with was a verb meaning "to take by the 
throat", but it looks like (based on the Strong's definition you gave) 
that's just a metaphorical extension to the meaning.

> So I suggest that for OSIS 2.5 that transChange be allowed to be a child 
> of <w>.

I'm inclined to agree, unless anyone can come up with a good reason not to.

>> <w src="19" lemma="strong:G4155" morph="robinson:V-IAI-3S">and 
>> took</w> <transChange type="added">him</transChange> <w src="19" 
>> lemma="strong:G4155" morph="robinson:V-IAI-3S">by the throat</w>
> I don't think I like splitting the word into a before and an after. This 
> might communicate to a casual user of the document that 4155 can be 
> translated as either "took" or "by the throat".

The casual user should (and probably did) turn Strong's numbers off.


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