[osis-user] Re: [sword-devel] Yet another KJV markup question.

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 6 14:24:23 MST 2006

Chris Little wrote:
> OSIS is already being used in CrossWire's KJV in ways other than what 
> was intended. The lemma and morph attributes indicate the lemma and 
> morphology of their content, but the CrossWire KJV uses them to 
> indicate the lemma and morphology of words in a completely different 
> document. (We have an English language document with lemmatization and 
> morphology information for a Greek language document.)

Can you recommend a better way? I would like to create the best OSIS for 
the KJV and use xslt to make it acceptable to the SWORD api.

I was thinking that POS is a better place for robinson's part of speech 

Or is this a "future" for OSIS?

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