[sword-devel] BibleCS Installer

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 6 08:24:58 MST 2006


I just have one aspect left: On uninstall, don't wack installed modules 
if there is another registered "CrossWire" application.
While this doesn't do everything on your wish list, I think it goes a 
long way toward it.

For the last few weekends, I thought I'd get it done, but something 
always came up. Maybe, I can get it done tonight.

Yes, you have noticed that I have spread myself a bit thin. In spare 
cycles I am working on cleaning up the KJV2003. Almost ready to check it 
in and make it available for edits.

In His Service,

L.Allan-pbio wrote:
> Just thought I'd check what the status of the BibleCS installer was. 
> There was a big flurry of posts in early Feb, but I was wondering if I 
> missed the actual "release candidate". The last SVN entry is from 
> September.
> Not meaning to be impatient, as I observe with gratitude (and awe) the 
> large number of different aspects of The CrossWire Bible Society that 
> you are working on. "Well done, good and faithful (and profitable) 
> servant." I would like to release an update of LcdBible with 
> compatible installer, and hesitate to proceed until a number of 
> pending issues and questions related to the BibleCS installer are 
> resolved.
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