[sword-devel] New Stuff for Testing

Pierre Benz pbenz at imaginet.co.za
Mon Jul 31 12:19:13 MST 2006

Awesome news on ESV.

I don't know if it's just me, but I seem to be having some issues with
diatheke and sword SVN.
I'm running a command like : diahtke -b ESV -k John 3:16
Basically get a a whole lot of : VerseKey::Book: {Bible book} does not
have a matching toupper abbrevs entry! book number returned was:-1

Is there a modification in that command that I need to be doing? Maybe
something with the versification? 

sorry if this is tedious


On Sun, 2006-07-30 at 21:49 -0700, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> We've done some final updates to the engine to support the new modules 
> coming out shortly.  Special thanks goes out to DM Smith for such effort 
> and sacrifice to work on the 'dark side' and help the C++ engine!  He 
> had ulterior motive to get an ESV and KJV out that would work well with 
> JSword, but nonetheless still endured my scrutiny to the end!
> These should all be close to the final release candidates.
> BibleCS 1.5.8RCF1
> Changes:
> Compiled against latest sword svn, which includes fixes for red letter 
> and all quote rendering.
> Updated to the latest version of the Tnt Unicode controls which still 
> work with BCB5 (AK: this still doesn't seem to fix the last bug you 
> reported about the freetext history combobox.  I'm not sure what this 
> bug is.  It seems like a render or font issue, not encoding, since you 
> can select an entry which doesn't draw correctly and it puts it in the 
> edit box and draws it correctly there.)
> Fixed a missing space entry when stripping new lines compact text 
> display windows (like search results list).
> http://crosswire.org/sword/ALPHAcckswwlkrfre22034820285912/alpha/BibleCS-1.5.8rcF1.zip
> New Modules
> ESV (all new data from Crossway, newly converted by DM Smith), KJV 
> (KJV2006 cleanups, final)
> http://crosswire.org/sword/modules/ModDisp.jsp?beta=true&tester=true&modType=Bibles
> Thank you for any time you can commit to testing these for public 
> release ('for reals' this time) :)
>     In Christ,
>        -Troy.
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