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Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Fri Jul 14 13:34:45 MST 2006

Hi Chris ...............

Chris Little wrote:
> The problem with Calvin's Commentaries is that they do not fit into the 
> book/chapter/verse paradigm we use in Sword. In order to do them 
> correctly, they would have to be done as a GenBook module with BCV-type 
> indexes into the GenBook. I think the work on alternate versification 
> support could potentially be used for this, since it relies on putting 
> using GenBook modules to store Bibles.
I can see you point - but it actually seems to work quite well the way 
in which it has been put together.  I'm finding it useful.
> But if it is the same Calvin's Commentary module I saw a while ago, it's 
> already been rejected because it doesn't represent the source text 
> accurately. 
I think it will be.  Dave says he submitted it about two years ago.  
I'll forward this to him - I don't think he's on the list.  I hadn't 
made any comparisons - I'd assumed that as it was prepared from a CCEL 
download, it would be accurately reproduced.  I'll get the original down 
from CCEL and take a look.  Thanks for that information.  It's a pity - 
he's clearly gone to a lot of work preparing it, but you must be the 
judge of its suitability to be a Sword official release.  Thanks for 
your trouble Chris.

God bless,

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