[sword-devel] Creating a module of the Companion Bible

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Jul 8 14:07:52 MST 2006

Greg Perry wrote:
>  From the other developer on the 1611 vs. 1769 KJV issue:
> "It doesn't look like Sword has the 1611 KJV as a module.  They have the
> 1769 KJV and the RKJV and one or two other specialties.
> The 1611 KJV is probably available all over the place.  Here is one in
> OSIS:  http://ebible.org/kjv/kjvosis.zip
> there's several other 1611 KJVs at  http://ebible.org/kjv/indexbar.htm
> like XML, HTML, etc.
> I checked the first several verses of Genesis 1 in this "ebible.org"
> 1611 KJV against the KJV in Bullinger's Genesis 1 and they are exactly
> the same."
> On the preface page of the Companion Bible:
> "The Companion Bible - The Authorized Version of 1611 with the 
> Structures and Critical, Explanatory, and Suggestive Notes and with 198 
> Appendixes".

All of the Bibles cited above are based on the 1769 or later editions of 
the KJV, Bullinger included, if it matches the text at ebible.org.

The text DM cited is the true 1611 edition. Anything that you can read 
without severe difficulty which claims to be the 1611 is simply not.


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