[sword-devel] Creating a module of the Companion Bible

Greg Perry gregp at liveammo.com
Sat Jul 8 08:50:21 MST 2006

DM Smith wrote:
>> I am currently
>> working with another developer on transcribing E.W. Bullinger's
>> Companion Bible into the OSIS XML format.
> Fantastic. And is the material free of any copyright or have you  
> obtained permission from the copyright holder? Since the work was  
> originally released in 1898 it certainly may be old enough to be free  
> of copyrights. Current publishers often claim copyrights for very old  
> works and can enforce them by making minor alterations in the text to  
> show it is their material.

Yes we have already spoken with the president of Kregel (the only 
Companion Bible publisher), he told us the entire work was in the public 
domain and his company made no claim to any type of copyright or 
intellectual property ownership.  As it was published in the early 
1900s, there are no electronic versions of the Companion Bible - only 
the original printing plates which Kregel owns.  We are going to 
transcribe it electronically and re-release it into the public domain as 

>> The Companion Bible is the
>> 1611 KJV, and includes the Massorah as well as a verse by verse
>> commentary by Bullinger.
> My guess is that it is a 1769 KJV. The 1611 version is very  
> distinctive. You can see it here: http://dewey.library.upenn.edu/ 
> sceti/printedbooksNew/index.cfm?TextID=kjbible
> For example the text of Gen 1.1-2 reads:
> IN the beginning God created the heauen, and the Earth.
> 2 And the earth was without forme, and voyd; and darkeneffe [was]  
> vpon the deepe: and the Spirit of God mooued vpon the face of the  
> waters.

 From the other developer on the 1611 vs. 1769 KJV issue:

"It doesn't look like Sword has the 1611 KJV as a module.  They have the
1769 KJV and the RKJV and one or two other specialties.

The 1611 KJV is probably available all over the place.  Here is one in
OSIS:  http://ebible.org/kjv/kjvosis.zip
there's several other 1611 KJVs at  http://ebible.org/kjv/indexbar.htm
like XML, HTML, etc.

I checked the first several verses of Genesis 1 in this "ebible.org"
1611 KJV against the KJV in Bullinger's Genesis 1 and they are exactly
the same."

On the preface page of the Companion Bible:

"The Companion Bible - The Authorized Version of 1611 with the 
Structures and Critical, Explanatory, and Suggestive Notes and with 198 

> These are two different issues:
> 1) Does OSIS support prefaces, appendixes and the like.
> 	preface and appendix. - Use div for these.
> 	notes - Use the note element for these
> 	cross refs - Use a note element with these and contain each passage  
> in a reference.
> 	graphics/images - use figure
> 	other materials - use "a"

Ah ok.

> 2) Does Sword support these features?
> 	The versification of the KJV is fully supported by Sword.
> 	Alternate versifications are currently being worked.
> 	There is support for introductory material.
> 		For a book this is chapter 0, verse 0.
> 		For a chapter it is verse 0.
> 		Not sure what it is for a testament or the bible as a whole.
> 		Very few Sword applications support introductory material.
> 	To my knowledge there is not support for appendices.
> 	The support for images is limited. And exposed by very few front ends.

Ok so any idea which front ends support graphical imagery?  We are doing 
everything on the Linux platform right now, alternating between 
Gnomesword and BibleTime.

> The big question is how an appendix would be presented to the user so  
> that the user could find it.

Maybe just labeled as a preface (or appendix) and accessible via the 
drop down menu?

> Currently, there is no mechanism, but alternate versification holds  
> some promise and it is getting close to being done. It is being  
> implemented with the GenBook mechanism, but Bibles encoded with it  
> will be Bibles and listed among the Bibles.
>> So the question would be this:  with a regular
>> bible module, can you include a preface, headnotes for each chapter,
>> notes and commentary on each verse, and an appendix?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Greg
> I hope this helps.

Yes thank you very much.  I'll be back with more issues soon, I promise ;)

> In His Service,
> 	DM Smith
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