[sword-devel] BibleCS 1.5.8rc4

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Jul 2 21:36:34 MST 2006

	Thanks for the report.  Most of this stuff won't be fixed for the 
release of BibleCS.  A few comments below.

> * ESV search .... finds "Jesus" in 2 Sam 1:1, Jonah 1:1, and Malachi 
> 1:1. I think these are "hits" from the notes (opening of chapter) 
> rather than the actual Bible text. Is this intended?

Yes, this is intended.  SWORD full text search (non-clucene) will search 
based on whatever options you have turned on.  If you repeat the search 
with notes off you shouldn't get those hits.  BibleCS doesn't offer 
options in the search dialog like it probably should (e.g., [x] include 
note text ), instead, it bases the search on the options set for the 
viewed module.

> * Lowest window still has previous search results rather than being 
> blanked with new search.
>    - Search for "generation" in ESV and pick Gen 6:9
>    - Search for "languages" and Gen 6:9 still shows in lowest window.

Yes, this is intended, but might be a little confusing, I understand. 
The use case is, say, a user performs a search, then double clicks on a 
result line to see the verse in context, then hits the search button 
again to bring the dialog forward... What should it do?  He may wish to 
continue down the result list he had previously been viewing.  It's not 
perfect either way, but it works the way we've decided and the user 
should realize the behavior after a few times.

> * Problems with words run together when a note is present, but not 
> showing (this may be mark-up problem?)
>    - ESV Gen 4:15 ... And the LORDput a mark on Cain
>    - ESV Mark 2:29 And immediately heleft the synagogue
>    - ESV Ps 1:6 for the LORDknows the way of the righteous (no note)
>    - ESV Ps 14:2 The LORDlooks down from heaven
>      (appears to be a problem with divine name tagging/rendering?)

This is likely an encoding error

> * Paragraph titles showing up multiple times:
>   - 2nd Samuel 1:1
>      David Hears of Saul's Death
>      David Hears of Saul's Death
>   - Problem shows up in almost all the Psalms

import error

> * Two many spaces
>    - ESV Ps 1:1
>      1 Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of        the 
> wicked,
> * Ps 9 opening:
>    - "or liturgical termA Psalm of David"

encoding error

> * ESV MultiWord search for "regeneration" finds match in Matthew 19:28 
> ... being picked up from Text Notes? Not matched with "Optimized 
> Search"

same as notes previously.

> * Re-use previous "Search Type" rather than always having "Optimized 
> Search" picked if index is present. If index is not present, always 
> starts Search dialog with "Search Type" set to "Multi Word", even if 
> "Phrase" was picked in the immediately previous search.

Yeah, maybe we should be smarter about this.  Currently we set the 
default type based on whether or not you have and index built.  We could 
probably check if you're searching the same module again and if so, 
don't change the position.

Thanks again for the testing, Lynn.  Very much appreciated.  Regarding 
the encoding/import errors, Crossway has sent us a new datafile for the 
ESV and we'll hopefully have a 2.0 out soon, and DM has some great 
improvements in the works for our osis2mod utility.  We have to get a 
1.0 out soon, though, even if it's not perfect.  Hope you and your 
family are well,


> Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> Thanks for all the great feedback on RC3
>> RC4 is ready with many fixes and improvements from your suggestion.
>> Some highlights below:
>> Much better support for KJV2006 work:
>>  ignore x-strongsMarkup notes
>>  preverse heading fixes
>>  always display heading is marked canonical
>>  smallcap <divineName>
>>  paragraph break before <div>
>> Semi-intelligent decision when to sort search results by verse/score
>> Index delete confirmation
>> Fixes for strongs word searches on unindexed modules
>> http://crosswire.org/sword/ALPHAcckswwlkrfre22034820285912/alpha/BibleCS-1.5.8rc4.zip
>> Please test if you have time.
>>    -Troy.
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