[sword-devel] .Net/C# and Sword

Jason Turner lefticus at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 16:04:24 MST 2006


Did you know that BibleStudy as it currently stands has been updated
to use wxMozilla? It was the only way that I could get proper right to
left rendering working. I will probably take another look at
COM/activex versions of mozilla as I rewrite biblestudy to be .net.


On 1/18/06, Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org> wrote:
> MSIE has the advantage of already being installed on the user's system
> (no code overhead). But it has the disadvantage of not being a very good
> renderer, all things considered. And it's closed source.
> We've long desired to hook up Gecko (the renderer in Mozilla/Firefox) as
> our Windows renderer, not necessarily because of any open source
> philosophical reasons, but because we can access and change the
> underlying code--or use other people's modifications, like the addition
> of Graphite font rendering. But it comes at the additional cost of a
> pretty large download and a rather complex program to build (Gecko).
> There's the old ActiveX wrapper for Mozilla, but it was never very
> stable and doesn't give us great access to the underlying renderer at
> runtime (nor would the MSIE control).
> --Chris
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