[sword-devel] .Net/C# and Sword

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Jan 18 15:39:19 MST 2006

MSIE has the advantage of already being installed on the user's system 
(no code overhead). But it has the disadvantage of not being a very good 
renderer, all things considered. And it's closed source.

We've long desired to hook up Gecko (the renderer in Mozilla/Firefox) as 
our Windows renderer, not necessarily because of any open source 
philosophical reasons, but because we can access and change the 
underlying code--or use other people's modifications, like the addition 
of Graphite font rendering. But it comes at the additional cost of a 
pretty large download and a rather complex program to build (Gecko). 
There's the old ActiveX wrapper for Mozilla, but it was never very 
stable and doesn't give us great access to the underlying renderer at 
runtime (nor would the MSIE control).


Marcellino Tanumihardja wrote:
> You basically can embed the Internet Explorer COM control into a .NET 
> application, so you can display just about any HTML (including 
> client-side script). In addition, you can use Cassini (mini-web server 
> in C#) inside your application to serve dynamic ASP.NET pages. The nice 
> thing about this, is you can run your dynamic web application from a CD 
> (a kiosk application). There are articles on how to do this on MSDN.
> - mars -

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