[sword-devel] virtual modules

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Jan 18 11:57:49 MST 2006

We've got a number of what you might call "virtual modules" either 
implemented or desired. I can't speak of other frontends, but BibleCS 
has a "PARALLEL" tab, used to present multiple versions interlinearly. 
I've recently implemented a "NOTES" tab in BibleCS that pulls any 
footnotes in the selected translation and places them in a tab in the 
commentary window. (This was basically for the NET Bible, so that we can 
have a translation & its notes in separate windows, but driven by a 
single module--the way OSIS was meant to be encoded. Now there's also 
talk of a word-by-word verse diff tool, which could likewise be 
presented in its own tab--on par with other modules.

The question I would pose is: does any one have feelings, one way or 
another, of pushing all of this code from the frontends back into the 
API? What I envision is a virtual module that, when polled for a 
specific key, constructs the result from other existing modules using 
(more or less) the same interface as existing modules. Thus new 
frontends and existing ones that don't have the functionality get it for 


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