[sword-devel] German Support/Promoting site for Sword

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Tue Jan 17 12:10:18 MST 2006

Hi André,

your idea is very interesting!

A few years ago bibletime.de (now bibletime.info) tried to advertise to german 
users, but now no site that I know does. The developers of both Sword and 
BibleTime don't have enough time for coding even, so it would be great for 
others to care about PR. ;)

One thing that I'd like to mention. Please do this in a gentle spirit. The 
"proprietary" software of the publishers is not our enemy. Let us try not to 
work in a negative, comparative way (as other projects such as Zefania did in 
the past). Let us just emphasize Sword's strenghts and the benefits users 
will have from it.
A side note: My personal main focus is not to try to gain market shares in 
UK/USA/DE, where there already is a lot Bible software available, some of 
which is really good. My focus is the far bigger areas of the world where 
there is no good Bible software for people to use. It is my hope that Sword 
and BibleTime will be of benefit there. But, of course, it is possible to use 
Sword as a means for evangelisation in Germany too.

Suggestions: Offer the Sword CD for download and offer to send it by mail.

So much for now. I wish you all the best for your efforts.


> i'm André Braselmann a software developer from EastFrisia Germany. I'm
> working with Sword now for severeal years under differerent OS (FreeBSD,
> Gentoo, OSX) and i'am very happy with it. The only das thing is that no
> one knows SWORD:-( . The people here using mostly the bible-publisher
> proprietary software. And then there is Bibleworkshop which is modular
> but useless if you don't use Win or Mac OS 9.
> So i'm planning a german inofficial support site to promote SWORD.
> My question is: Before i invent the wheel twice, are there any
> german-speaking specific sites on the net about SWORD, except of some
> link from personal sites? And: are here german-speaking people who are
> interested to get involved in such a site? The hard/software is
> available.
> ThX in advance
> bb
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