[sword-devel] German Support/Promoting site for Sword

André Braselmann sword at braisel.com
Mon Jan 16 23:17:47 MST 2006


i'm André Braselmann a software developer from EastFrisia Germany. I'm
working with Sword now for severeal years under differerent OS (FreeBSD,
Gentoo, OSX) and i'am very happy with it. The only das thing is that no
one knows SWORD:-( . The people here using mostly the bible-publisher
proprietary software. And then there is Bibleworkshop which is modular
but useless if you don't use Win or Mac OS 9.

So i'm planning a german inofficial support site to promote SWORD.

My question is: Before i invent the wheel twice, are there any
german-speaking specific sites on the net about SWORD, except of some
link from personal sites? And: are here german-speaking people who are
interested to get involved in such a site? The hard/software is

ThX in advance

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