[sword-devel] Turkish module

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Jan 14 22:07:49 MST 2006

The Turkish NT actually had some more significant problems than that, so 
I have removed it from the site.

The primary problem was that it was copyrighted, so I have emailed the 
copyright holders to get permission for us to distribute it.

The second problem was that it had the OLB as its source. OLB texts are 
rather notorioiusly bad (at least IMO). The text conversion to OLB 
format resulted in significant data loss and mangling of data (which you 
describe). So we'll use a significantly superior text source if we get 


vkaehne at doctors.org.uk wrote:
> The Turkish NT currently on crosswire has two significant problems 
> 1) three characters are wrongly encoded - the capital I with dot appears as a capital Y with dot, the small I without dot appears as a small y with dot and the "yumusak g" a g with a circumflex appears as some runic kind of sign.
> I have run the module through mod2osis, run a search and replace in "joe" for the three characters. After running the resulting fixed osis file through osis2mod  + fixing the config  file (inclusion of a a UTF-8 encoding reference) I have a functioning and readible module.
> 2) 529 verse containers in OSIS appear to be empty. The most promininet one is obviously Matthew 1.1. It is not that these verses are missing - mostly they appear to be part of teh subsequent or the predecessing verse. The overall verse flow is correct. I do not have the Bible underlying the module in print - my NT is about 100 years old and my Turkish is not too strong - so I am unable to say whether this is teh result of poor encoding or has some method - e.g. alternative counting variants used in Turkish Bible. TBH though it looks like shoddy encoding.
> I would like to make my improved version (fixed characters) available and would hope that it could somehow replace the current unreadable module. I believe that presenting a readable module might well result in volunteers who are a lot better at Turkish than I am who might fix teh verse problem.
> I understand that I am supposed to put up the changes for public downlooad, but am currently not in a position to do so (no webspace readily sorted) Is there anyone I could send the corrected OSIS source and the new config file?
> Thanks
> Peter
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