[sword-devel] Turkish module

vkaehne at doctors.org.uk vkaehne at doctors.org.uk
Sat Jan 14 16:55:52 MST 2006

The Turkish NT currently on crosswire has two significant problems 

1) three characters are wrongly encoded - the capital I with dot appears as a capital Y with dot, the small I without dot appears as a small y with dot and the "yumusak g" a g with a circumflex appears as some runic kind of sign.

I have run the module through mod2osis, run a search and replace in "joe" for the three characters. After running the resulting fixed osis file through osis2mod  + fixing the config  file (inclusion of a a UTF-8 encoding reference) I have a functioning and readible module.

2) 529 verse containers in OSIS appear to be empty. The most promininet one is obviously Matthew 1.1. It is not that these verses are missing - mostly they appear to be part of teh subsequent or the predecessing verse. The overall verse flow is correct. I do not have the Bible underlying the module in print - my NT is about 100 years old and my Turkish is not too strong - so I am unable to say whether this is teh result of poor encoding or has some method - e.g. alternative counting variants used in Turkish Bible. TBH though it looks like shoddy encoding.

I would like to make my improved version (fixed characters) available and would hope that it could somehow replace the current unreadable module. I believe that presenting a readable module might well result in volunteers who are a lot better at Turkish than I am who might fix teh verse problem.

I understand that I am supposed to put up the changes for public downlooad, but am currently not in a position to do so (no webspace readily sorted) Is there anyone I could send the corrected OSIS source and the new config file?



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