[sword-devel] inquring about an official WEB update and also the gbf to osis converter....

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Jan 6 17:09:53 MST 2006

There's a beta update on the site currently. It won't be released until 
BibleCS 1.5.8 (minimally). I'm not completely satisfied with the results 
of the importer, so this particular beta may not ever get released.

Non-BibleCS users (developers especially) should test it to ascertain 
whether they they need to make changes to code. BibleCS needed some 
minor filter tweaks to permit rendering of red words marked by 
milestoned quotes.

The text derives from the OSIS document on ebible.org (with only the 
header and apocrypha removed before running the importer), so it isn't 
conformant OSIS 2.1. But there is some chatter about changing the 
standard in various ways to accomodate presentational quotation marks 
more easily, so I'm hoping Michael Johnson will fix his converter once 
that happens. (Actually, if I recall, we identified syntax in 2.1 for 
marking presentation quotes and it hasn't been incorporated into the 
converter, so maybe he doesn't care.)


Ryan V wrote:
> Just curious to see if there will be an OFFICIAL update to the WEB and
> HNV modules this year.
> Also, how's that gbf to osis converter coming along that was mentioned
> last year? Is it still being worked on?
> Ryan
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