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thanks for pointing this out.
To be sure that it won't be forgotten, please file a bug at crosswire.org/bugs 
for the "modules" project.


Am Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2006 18:10 schrieb L.Allan-pbio:
> >> I know zilch Greek or Hebrew, but could perhaps help with cleaning up
> >> the redundant/flawed tags in KJV .... there is a verse that is over
> >> 10,000 chars long, (Mark 1:9?) and several over 4,000 tags long.
> >
> > Stay tuned. With Troy's help, I should have the work area set up before
> > too long with the KJV by book, perhaps chapter.
> I took a look at the KJV rawtext from the compressed module, and found 208
> verses whose length is over 2500 characters. All of these are in the NT.
> There are over 900 NT verses that are over 2000 chars long.
> Not sure if this helps, but here is a link:
> htpp://lcdbible.sf.net/misc/VeryLongKjvVerses_2500.zip
> Mark 1:9 is over 15,000 characters, and something is clearly incorrect. The
> pattern "w src morph" is repeated about 1000 times within the same verse:
> # 36: BCV= Mark  1:9   Len:15329
> <w src="1" lemma="x-Strongs:G2532" morph="x-Robinson:CONJ">And</w>
> <w src="2" lemma="x-Strongs:G1096" morph="x-Robinson:V-2ADI-3S">it came to
> pass</w>
> <w src="3" lemma="x-Strongs:G1722" morph="x-Robinson:PREP">in</w>
> <w src="4" lemma="x-Strongs:G1565" morph="x-Robinson:D-DPF">those</w>
> <w src="6" lemma="x-Strongs:G2250" morph="x-Robinson:N-DPF">days</w>, that
> <w src="8" lemma="x-Strongs:G2424" morph="x-Robinson:N-NSM">Jesus</w>
> <w src="7" lemma="x-Strongs:G2064" morph="x-Robinson:V-2AAI-3S">came</w>
> <w src="9" lemma="x-Strongs:G575" morph="x-Robinson:PREP">from</w>
> <w src="10" lemma="x-Strongs:G3478" morph="x-Robinson:N-PRI">Nazareth</w>
> <w src="12" lemma="x-Strongs:G1056" morph="x-Robinson:N-GSF">of
> Galilee</w>, <w src="13" lemma="x-Strongs:G2532"
> morph="x-Robinson:CONJ">and</w> <w src="14" lemma="x-Strongs:G907"
> morph="x-Robinson:V-API-3S">was baptized</w>
> <w src="15" lemma="x-Strongs:G5259" morph="x-Robinson:PREP">of</w>
> <w src="16" lemma="x-Strongs:G2491" morph="x-Robinson:N-GSM">John</w>
> <w src="17" lemma="x-Strongs:G1519" morph="x-Robinson:PREP">in</w> <w src
> morph w src morph w src morph w
> src morph w src w src morph w src morph w src morph w src morph w
> w src morph w src morph w src morph w src morph w src w src morph w src
> morph w src morph w src morph w src
> w src morph w src morph w src morph w src morph w src w src morph w src
> morph w src morph w src morph w src
> ***********  repeats ************
> ***********  about   ************
> ***********  300      ************
> ***********  lines     ************
> w src morph w src morph w src morph w src morph w src w src morph w src
> morph w src morph w src morph w src="20" w src morph w src morph w src
> morph w src morph="x-Robinson:N-ASM" lemma="x-Strongs:G2446">
> <w src="19" lemma="x-Strongs:G2446"
> morph="x-Robinson:N-ASM">Jordan</w></w>. <w src="5" lemma="x-Strongs:G3588"
> morph="x-Robinson:T-DPF"></w>
> <w src="11" lemma="x-Strongs:G3588" morph="x-Robinson:T-GSF"></w>
> <w src="18" lemma="x-Strongs:G3588" morph="x-Robinson:T-ASM"></w><resp
> type="strongsMarkup" name="rkr" date="2002-11-30-21:45"/>
> I noticed there was very significant repetition of "x-Strongs:G3588" in a
> lot of verses, but I don't understand enough about osis markup to know if
> that is an error. Here is an example:
> #  2: BCV= Matthew  2:13  Len: 3012
> <w src="38" lemma="x-Strongs:G3588" morph="x-Robinson:T-GSM"></w>
> <w src="36" lemma="x-Strongs:G3588" morph="x-Robinson:T-ASN"></w>
> <w src="18" lemma="x-Strongs:G3588" morph="x-Robinson:T-ASF"></w>
> <w src="15" lemma="x-Strongs:G3588" morph="x-Robinson:T-ASN"></w>
> <w src="10" lemma="x-Strongs:G3588" morph="x-Robinson:T-DSM"></w>
> <w src="2" lemma="x-Strongs:G1161" morph="x-Robinson:CONJ">And when</w>
> <w src="3" lemma="x-Strongs:G846" morph="x-Robinson:P-GPM">they</w>
> <w src="1" lemma="x-Strongs:G402" morph="x-Robinson:V-AAP-GPM">were
> departed,</w>
> <w src="4" lemma="x-Strongs:G2400" morph="x-Robinson:V-2AAM-2S">behold,</w>
> <w src="5" lemma="x-Strongs:G32" morph="x-Robinson:N-NSM">the angel</w>
> <w src="6" lemma="x-Strongs:G2962" morph="x-Robinson:N-GSM">of the Lord</w>
> <w src="7" lemma="x-Strongs:G5316"
> morph="x-Robinson:V-PEI-3S">appeareth</w> <w src="11"
> lemma="x-Strongs:G2501" morph="x-Robinson:N-PRI">to Joseph</w> <w src="8"
> lemma="x-Strongs:G2596" morph="x-Robinson:PREP">in</w>
> <w src="9" lemma="x-Strongs:G3677" morph="x-Robinson:N-OI">a dream,</w>
> <w src="12" lemma="x-Strongs:G3004"
> morph="x-Robinson:V-PAP-NSM">saying,</w> <w src="13"
> lemma="x-Strongs:G1453" morph="x-Robinson:V-APP-NSM">Arise,</w> <w src="14"
> lemma="x-Strongs:G3880" morph="x-Robinson:V-2AAM-2S">and take</w>
> <w src="16" lemma="x-Strongs:G3813" morph="x-Robinson:N-ASN">the young
> child</w>
> <w src="17" lemma="x-Strongs:G2532" morph="x-Robinson:CONJ">and</w>
> <w src="20" lemma="x-Strongs:G846" morph="x-Robinson:P-GSM">his</w>
> <w src="19" lemma="x-Strongs:G3384" morph="x-Robinson:N-ASF">mother,</w>
> <w src="21" lemma="x-Strongs:G2532" morph="x-Robinson:CONJ">and</w>
> <w src="22" lemma="x-Strongs:G5343" morph="x-Robinson:V-PAM-2S">flee</w>
> <w src="23" lemma="x-Strongs:G1519" morph="x-Robinson:PREP">into</w>
> <w src="24" lemma="x-Strongs:G125" morph="x-Robinson:N-ASF">Egypt,</w>
> <w src="25" lemma="x-Strongs:G2532" morph="x-Robinson:CONJ">and</w>
> <w src="26" lemma="x-Strongs:G2468" morph="x-Robinson:V-PXM-2S">be thou</w>
> <w src="27" lemma="x-Strongs:G1563" morph="x-Robinson:ADV">there</w>
> <w src="28" lemma="x-Strongs:G2193" morph="x-Robinson:CONJ">until</w>
> <w src="29" lemma="x-Strongs:G302" morph="x-Robinson:PRT"></w>
> <w src="30" lemma="x-Strongs:G2036" morph="x-Robinson:V-2AAS-1S">I
> bring</w> <w src="31" lemma="x-Strongs:G4671"
> morph="x-Robinson:P-2DS">thee</w> <w src="30" lemma="x-Strongs:G2036"
> morph="x-Robinson:V-2AAS-1S"
> splitID="41">word:</w>
> <w src="33" lemma="x-Strongs:G1063" morph="x-Robinson:CONJ">for</w>
> <w src="34" lemma="x-Strongs:G2264" morph="x-Robinson:N-NSM">Herod</w>
> <w src="32" lemma="x-Strongs:G3195" morph="x-Robinson:V-PAI-3S">will</w>
> <w src="35" lemma="x-Strongs:G2212" morph="x-Robinson:V-PAN">seek</w>
> <w src="37" lemma="x-Strongs:G3813" morph="x-Robinson:N-ASN">the young
> child</w>
> <w src="39" lemma="x-Strongs:G622" morph="x-Robinson:V-AAN">to destroy</w>
> <w src="40" lemma="x-Strongs:G846" morph="x-Robinson:P-ASN">him.</w><resp
> type="strongsMarkup" name="pdy" date="2003-12-14-08:43"/>
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