[sword-devel] Sword Reader for Windows PocketPC

Wes Allen revwez at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 07:40:35 MST 2006

Jason, I've just got my modules unzipped into those two directories at the
root of my sd card and it works for me

On 2/23/06, Jason Brooks <jbrooks at kinex.net> wrote:
> I've recently tried using Sword Reader on a Dell Axim running PocketPC
> 2003 (4.20.0).  I've gotten everything over to the handheld, but I
> consistently receive an error on launching the gui that there are no
> bibles installed.
> My sword.conf is default:
> [Install]
> DataPath=/Program Files/sword/books
> AugmentPath=/SD Card
> AugmentPath=/Memory Card
> AugmentPath=/Storage Card
> My two installed books are in /Program Files/sword/books/modules/...
> The configs are in /Program Files/sword/books/mods.d/
> Should the file structure be different?  Or do I need to modify a conf
> file?
> All that I've found so far simply says to "You may then unzip Raw Zip
> packages of SWORD books to \Program Files\sword\books
> or to the root of your SD/MMC card".  The raw files unzip to mods.d and
> modules.
> Thanks,
> Jason
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