[sword-devel] Sword Reader for Windows PocketPC

Jason Brooks jbrooks at kinex.net
Thu Feb 23 06:56:00 MST 2006

I've recently tried using Sword Reader on a Dell Axim running PocketPC
2003 (4.20.0).  I've gotten everything over to the handheld, but I
consistently receive an error on launching the gui that there are no
bibles installed.

My sword.conf is default:
DataPath=/Program Files/sword/books
AugmentPath=/SD Card
AugmentPath=/Memory Card
AugmentPath=/Storage Card

My two installed books are in /Program Files/sword/books/modules/...

The configs are in /Program Files/sword/books/mods.d/

Should the file structure be different?  Or do I need to modify a conf file?

All that I've found so far simply says to "You may then unzip Raw Zip
packages of SWORD books to \Program Files\sword\books
or to the root of your SD/MMC card".  The raw files unzip to mods.d and


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