[sword-devel] volunteering for the sword reader (pocket-pc)

Wes Allen revwez at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 08:41:52 MST 2006

Eliah, I'll beta test your code, I can't even get hebrew to display on the
pocketPC reader....that would rock...


On 2/21/06, Elia Yehuda <z4ziggy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello there,
> Let me 1st thank you for a great product. I am using it both the linux
> version
> and on my pocketpc. I find the linux version to be the best bible software
> available, so keep up the great work.
> however, the pocketpc version is a bit problematic - the hebrew (my
> language)
> is broken and verses longer than 1 line are not aligned - this forces me
> to
> use the english version, which disturbs me quite a bit.
> I am not a pocketpc developer, but i do code in c/c++ so I thought to give
> it
> a try and maybe enhance the pocketpc version (which hasnt been updated
> since
> 2004). If I'll succeed - with God's blessings - I hope it will be a way to
> give others something back. If not - well, it will be a trial i wont
> regret.
> I hope you can send me any relevant information and links for the sword
> pocketpc sources and maybe any tips on compiling them on my linux desktop.
> Thanks again,
> with Blessings,
> --
> regards,
> Elia Yehuda, aka z4ziggy
> Archie project, http://archie.dotsrc.org
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