[sword-devel] volunteering for the sword reader (pocket-pc)

Elia Yehuda z4ziggy at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 17:47:01 MST 2006

Hello there,

Let me 1st thank you for a great product. I am using it both the linux version 
and on my pocketpc. I find the linux version to be the best bible software 
available, so keep up the great work.
however, the pocketpc version is a bit problematic - the hebrew (my language) 
is broken and verses longer than 1 line are not aligned - this forces me to 
use the english version, which disturbs me quite a bit.
I am not a pocketpc developer, but i do code in c/c++ so I thought to give it 
a try and maybe enhance the pocketpc version (which hasnt been updated since 
2004). If I'll succeed - with God's blessings - I hope it will be a way to 
give others something back. If not - well, it will be a trial i wont regret.
I hope you can send me any relevant information and links for the sword 
pocketpc sources and maybe any tips on compiling them on my linux desktop.

Thanks again,
with Blessings,
Elia Yehuda, aka z4ziggy
Archie project, http://archie.dotsrc.org

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