[sword-devel] NET bible test modules .....

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Sun Feb 19 00:27:06 MST 2006

Hi Troy .............

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>     InstallManager should work just fine without it.  It is a 'cache' 
> of the mods.d directory created with:
> tar czvf mods.d.tar.gz mods.d     If InstallManager doesn't find it, 
> it will proceed to get it's information from the mods.d directory.
I tried that - and it still fails ....  I'm going to re-do the .conf 
files ....  it could be that install manager is stricter in what it has 
to see in a conf file than is the front end (they all handle the modules 
OK).  I'll start with just the essentials in the five conf files and see 
what happens.  If that works I can build back the other information a 
bit at a time and see where it breaks install manager.
>     I've actually just looked at your mods.d.tar.gz file and it seems 
> to look ok with an untar.  
I used msys under Windows, and did 'tar czvf mods.d.tar.gz mods.d' to 
build the archive.  I was just a bit suspicious that the Windows version 
might not structure the file the same.  These days, my Linux box is so 
out of date that I'm reluctant to work there.

Thanks for coming back on this one.  I'm really excited to have NET on 
Sword, and I don't think we're far off release.

God bless,

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