[sword-devel] WEB update?

Kahunapule Michael Johnson kahunapule at mpj.cx
Wed Feb 15 18:14:19 MST 2006

I recently received a couple of queries about the World English Bible
Sword module. I haven't checked to see what the last update was, but
lots of updates in the Old Testament and a few typo corrections in the
New Testament have happened over the last year or so. Anyway, I'm
planning to post another update of the World English Bible within a week
or so, and it would be nice if someone would update the World English
Bible distributed at Crosswire.org at that time.

I know there were some issues with the module importing from GBF or
OSIS. The GBF support should still all be there. The OSIS I'll generate
is still the same dialect as before, since Patrick is still working on
updating the OSIS manual and the current draft seems to contradict some
things I've been told by email. However, I also generate USFM, and that
should convert to a later dialect of OSIS using Chris Little's
converter. Either way, I would think it would be easy... at least for
someone with access to post at crosswire.org and with a higher bandwidth
connection than me.


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